Remotely Smart Presentation Graphic Recreation

Client provided a current version of a graphic to be made more appealing and to coordinate better with current branding. Since the new graphic has been created in Adobe Illustrator, each section can be used separately in different portions for different presentations. It can also be used transparently on a colored background as she has done on her website.




Foodie Themed WordPress Website

Website logo was created first based on preferred colors and a requested design element of a hibiscus flower.

  • Flower is an original illustration by myself.
  • The font was chosen and additional embellishments were added to the letters.
  • WordPress template (Foodie by Shay Bocks) was chosen and header with logo added.
  • The flower automatically inserts in the post title.
  • Text and other theme colors is modified to coordinate with the logo.



Visual Recipe Index for Pastry Chef Online Blog Encourages Clicking

My client and friend, Jenni Field (, has been wishing for a visual recipe index for quite a while. Well, I am happy to say, she now has one and it adds even more delicious eye candy to her blog! Jenni showed me several examples of what she wanted her index to do and we worked together to create a custom visual recipe index that works within her theme.

Adding recipes to the index is super easy! It’s automated and set up for Jenni’s categories. So, when Jenni creates a new recipe post, and clicks publish, voilà, a yummy thumbnail is automatically added to the category visual index.


Using the index is easy for visitors too! When visitors first visit the main recipe page, they will see a well organized grid of category images. After clicking on the category of interest, the visitor is shown another grid. Selecting an inviting recipe is done by simply hovering over the image. The title will peek up on top of a delicate, semi-transparent layover which when clicked will take you to that specific recipe.


If you take a look at Jenni’s blog, you will see that this new feature follows the aesthetic appeal from the main page throughout the rest of the site.One word of caution. If you are considering a visual recipe index. Make sure you have worked on your food photography skills. This can make or break a food site. There are ALOT of tutorials and books out there to help.Step-3-Recipe-Index